Life and Liberty Group

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The Life and Liberty Group mission is to promote Conservative Christian principles: 

     * in government, as intended by our Founding fathers 
     * in communities across our State and Nation 
     * in individuals, homes and families

We will accomplish that by:

     * Creating networks of communication 
     * Educating, informing and challenging Christians 
     * Persuade Christians to accept their responsibility to vote 
     * Encouraging Pastors to speak to Christian values in politics 
     * Partnering with like-minded organizations to accomplish mutual objectives 

What are we doing?

1.   Life and Liberty News
An interactive NEWS network reaching over 60,000 people with Christ centered news in:
     a.    Politics                      
     b.    Faith and Family       
     c.    Military and Veteran news 
     d.    Limited Government 
     e.    Education in America
     f.    Freedom and Guns    

2.  Life and Liberty Group website

     o       Our website features links to our News network, information on upcoming events, our mission statement, our partners, Christians in politics, our intercessory prayer team and much more.
     o       Sign up to get regular email alerts and action notices
     o       Share with your friends and family
     o       Learn how, when and where to get involved

 3.  Special Events

     o       Glen Beck in Rapid City
     o       The Christian Voter Conference featuring speakers like Gov. Mike Huckabee, Rep. Michelle Bachman, Sen. Jim DeMint, Gary Bauer and many more.Share with your friends and family.
     o       The Restoration Rally at the state capitol on 1-11-11 praying Christians from all across the State will gather from 10:00am to 12:00 noon (Jan.11,2011) to pray together for our State and Nation 
     o       Your event??

4.   Partnering with other organizations to accomplish our mission
     o      Your ministry??
     o       Family Research Council 
     o       The Heritage Foundation
     o       S.D. Family Policy Council
     o       Care Net Pregnancy Center 
     o       The Reagan Foundation
     o       State Tea Party groups
     o       And many, many more  

5. Statewide intercessory prayer team
     o       Our team is paving the way for all of our activities and covering us all with prayer
     o       You can join the prayer team too!!  Just email us and we will get you connected.

6. Fund Raising
     o       We can help raise money for YOUR ministry or organization
     o       NO COST to you
     o       We create the program, the plan and the energy to fund your needs 

Why? Because we are concerned for the country we love!

We can help you… reach more people, raise funds, organize your event and impact your target audience. Call Gordon today to discuss how we can partner with you to make YOUR ministry even better!!

May God bless the efforts of freedom minded Christians in South Dakota.

Gordon Howie, CEO
Life and Liberty Group, LLC.

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