Life and Liberty Group

WE Can Help YOU

We can help you

· Reach more people

1. Our network of friends and partners are energized and ready to help.

2. Our email network (60,000 in South Dakota alone… and growing) can get your message to an audience already interested in your mission.

3. Our internet NEWS network, Life and Liberty News ( can launch you into cyberspace.

· Raise funds

1. We can evaluate your needs and partner with you to find the money for your projects.

2. We can find others with resources who share your vision.

3. We can create opportunities for fund raising to meet your budget and project needs.

· Organize your event

1. Our team is available to help plan a successful event.

2. Our team is trained and experienced to help build your team.

· Impact your target audience

1. Our network, our experience and our team is waiting to help!

· No geographic boundaries

1. We can help regardless of where you are located. Call Gordon Howie today to discuss how we can partner with you to make YOUR ministry even better!! 605-716-7020

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